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Leadership in 45nm Transition

While the integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing with planar devices on 300mm wafers is in mainstream now, Moore’s law continues to drive scaling. This is demonstrated remarkably by flash memory, where NAND density is growing at two times faster than Moore’s law. Along with the scaling to increase the functionality and performance there are new concerns on cost and reliability. Hence the industry is continuing the search for new materials and technologies, as illustrated partly by the increasing interests in 3D transistors and non-silicon devices.

In the new environment, certain industrial inflections create opportunities for Mattson Technology in a number of areas, for example, surface cleaning, defect engineering, self-aligned spacer, stopper and bond pad etch. Flash anneal and plasma assisted oxidation are also new frontiers, which offer novel applications in advanced technology nodes.

Even as we work in partnership with leading customers on advanced technologies, we are aware of the industry’s major inflection points, when it is no longer economically viable to continue scaling. Thus the exploratory development of new technologies and materials are essential for the long-term growth of Mattson Technology.

Mattson has led the way in 300mm Strip and RTP technologies, and our tools are installed and production-qualified for the majority customers using 300 mm technology on a global basis. In Plasma Strip technology, we have extended the capabilities of our advanced 300mm inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology by launching the Suprema and Alpine products, which demonstrate Mattson’s FEOL and BEOL surface cleaning capabilities at customer sites around the world. The RTP technology has expanded into two critical application areas, namely the millisecond anneal and the low temperature oxidation. These advanced process capabilities have indeed become the enabling technologies for 32nm node and beyond. We intend to continue to advance our technology offerings in the areas of 300 mm and sub-45 nm transistor formation as the industry continues the migration towards these new wafer and feature sizes.

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