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Vortek™ Arc Lamp


Mattson Technology’s Vortek Arc Lamp system provides high intensity radiation in the near UV, visible and near IR spectral regions in either continuous or flash modes.  Ideal for any applications requiring intense radiation that can be precisely controlled and delivered to a target in any custom radiation pattern.  This lamp system has been used for solar simulation, materials processing and many other development and manufacturing applications.


  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Photovoltaic Cell Testing
  • Materials Processing
    • Surface Melting
    • Coatings
    • Phase and Microstructure Control
  • High Temperature Testing
  • Solar Simulation

Vortek- High Intensity Arc Lamp

  • Patented water wall technology
  • High pressure argon with fast time response


  • Proven, patented technology
  • Water-wall lamp technology allows continuous power levels up to 750 kW
  • Much faster than laser processing as no scanning is required
  • Broad spectrum allow for heating of films which are transparent in IR or at laser wavelength.


  • Continuous Power up to 750kW
  • Flash Energy up to 100kJ
  • Custom optical systems available for uniform area or line irradiation
  • Graphical User Interface




Spectral output of the lamp in continuous (red) and flash (blue) operation
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