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Mattson's new Atmos™ is a dual-chamber, single-wafer 300 millimeter (mm) RTP system for high-volume chip manufacturing through the 32 nanometer (nm) technology node. Designed to address the industry’s transition to single-wafer processing for applications currently predominantly run on furnaces, Atmos enables a broad range of applications, including selective oxidation and shallow-trench isolation.

Atmos’ state-of-the-art model-based temperature measurement and control system allows precise control across the wafer and repeatable results from wafer-to-wafer, enabling customers to fabricate thin, uniform oxides. Featuring an integrated pyrogenic water-vapor generator, Atmos enables a broad range of concentrations of reactive species at lower thermal budgets, resulting in higher processing flexibility for shallow-trench isolation (STI) liner processes. The system also features a dedicated edge grip and edge support end-effector for superior backside particle performance and on-the-fly wafer alignment for higher throughput. The system’s modular, dual-chamber platform is designed for ease of use and maintenance and high reliability, critical factors in 300 mm volume production environments.

Atmos combines the high-productivity capabilities of Mattson’s production-proven Helios as well as wet oxidation capabilities in order to provide processing flexibility and reliability for the most advanced thermal oxidation applications, including selective oxidation and shallow-trench isolation. Atmos incorporates several proprietary design features, including dual-side wafer heating, which reduces pattern-related temperature effects and enables high yields. Offering optimum processing flexibility and performance on a low-cost, production-proven platform, Atmos is a highly efficient, reliable single-wafer thermal solution for 70 nm and below device production.

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