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Mattson Etch systems have been designed to address the stringent technology and Cost-of-Ownership (CoO) requirements of the Etch market.  Mattson Etchers utilize Mattson's patented Faraday-Shielded inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source technology, along with bias capability for anisotropic etching of 300-mm wafers.  This differentiated processing technology allows Mattson to deliver the best on wafer performance at the ever-shrinking technology nodes.  Furthermore, Mattson Etchers leverage another core expertise of the company; very high throughput wafer transfer platforms.  Mattson’s differentiated process technology along with the very high throughput wafer platforms allows Mattson to deliver etching solutions with highest on-wafer performance at lowest CoO 

In order to create the device structures in integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing, etching processes are repeated numerous times, to selectively remove patterned material from the surface of a wafer. Because of plasma etching’s ability to create the fine line widths which are required for the continuously shrinking geometries, dry, or plasma, etching has become one of the most frequently used and most important processes in IC manufacturing. Plasma etching is comprised of many different technologies, methods and applications; each designed to meet the stringent requirements for removal of dielectric, or conductive films.  Dielectric etching occupies the majority of the etch market and within this arena, and anisotropic etching makes up the largest share.  Mattson’s etch system is designed to specifically address the growing need in anisotropic etching of dielectric films. 

Complex ICs require multiple etching steps, which increase cycle time, increase cleanroom space requirements and overall cost of manufacturing. The increase in etch steps in the IC manufacturing process along with the aggressive march down Moore’s law, has led to a need for semiconductor manufacturers to increase their etching capability and concurrently to place greater emphasis on reducing their costs of manufacturing. 

Mattson’s etch system addresses the increased demand of not only providing the technology capable of etching sub 65nm geometries but also minimizing the cost of manufacturing.  We have demonstrated leading process results with minimum cost of ownership for the following applications:

Spacer Etch
Stopper Etch
Hardmask Open

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