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Helios XP

Mattson Technology’s Helios XP features an advanced model-based temperature measurement and control system combined with an active compensation algorithm for different wafer emissivities. The system’s outstanding spike anneal performance, with rapid ramp and cool-down rates provides the precise process control required for ultra-shallow junction formation.


The Helios XP low temperature control capability enables processing at steady state temperatures down to 200°C and provides superior temperature uniformity across the wafer, outperforming sub-45nm NiSi formation requirements. The third key enabling attribute of the Helios XP is its unique capability for pattern independent Rapid Thermal Processing. The Helios XP suppresses pattern effects and fulfils next-generation t-node requirements.

The Helios XP technology advantages, high reliability and significant Cost of Ownership advantages, makes it the ideal solution for chipmakers seeking a cost-effective RTP system addressing new technology needs for sub-45nm device development and production.

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