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Nexion™ features Mattson's proprietary inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source with wafer bias capability that enables independent control of ion energy and ion density at low processing pressures.  These features give Nexion the unique capability for controlling device profiles for very fine geometries. 
Furthermore, Nexion’s patented Faraday shield technology ensures that the ion can be generated and controlled at very low energy levels.  This capability greatly differentiates Nexion from other etchers, allowing it to deliver the lowest damage on the wafer surface.  As a result of these technology differentiators, Nexion is especially suited for etching of dielectrics at fine geometries.  Consequently, Nexion has demonstrated superior on-wafer results on spacer and stopper etches at <65 nm nodes. 

Nexion utilizes Mattson’s patented and production-proven Aspen III platform, which has demonstrated some of the highest throughputs in semiconductor manufacturing.  Featuring high-speed dual-wafer handling and a modular, dual-chamber design, the system provides excellent within-chamber and module-to-module repeatability. Nexion’s unique architecture delivers industry-leading throughputs; to date, throughput and process time improvements of > 50% have been demonstrated for spacer etching and stopper etch applications.


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