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Process Expertise

Mattson Technology’s vision is to become a premier supplier of capital equipment to the integrated circuit (IC) industry by delivering innovative solutions to our global customers. To achieve this goal, we have developed highly focused product offerings with specific technical expertise in rapid thermal processing (RTP), dry strip, and etch technologies.

Creating solutions to improve the IC fabrication process requires a combination of exacting science, engineering excellence, and innovative design. Process steps for IC fabrication require molecular level precision, thus each step of the wafer fabrication process is crucial. The selection of a wafer fabrication solution is made by scientific and empirical analysis at the wafer level, and it is the precise “result on the wafer” that matters the most.

Mattson Technology continues to focus on advancing the RTP, dry strip, and etch technologies to deliver innovative solutions for 65nm technology node and below. In RTP, our patented dual-sided lamp technology achieves superior temperature control and measurement. We also offer millisecond flash capability for the formation of the most advanced transistors. In dry strip, patented inductively-coupled plasma (ICP) technology enables clean on-wafer results with minimum charge damage. Likewise, etch solutions utilizing the Company’s patented inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology produce excellent profile and critical dimension control with good uniformity and minimum sputtering of the under-layer.

Through our process expertise in RTP, dry strip, and etch, we will continue to deliver proven “results on the wafer” and provide true value to our customers.

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