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Part Number
10400137Connector Combicon MCVK 1.5/16-GF-3.81
12100098Output Terminal Digital-,Devicenet,24VDC
12100099Input Terminal Analog-, Devicenet, 0-10V
12100100Output Terminal Analog-,Devicenet, 0-10V
12100102Busfunction Terminal Devicenet,arbitrary
12100103Bus Coupler Devicenet, BK 5200
12100997Input Terminal Digital-, Devicenet,24VDC
17000234Board Resistor Unit-, RBU
17000296Board Flow Comparator, FCB
17000402Amplifier, TCA 1
17000407Power Supply +/-12V, +5V Type CPM 0801
17000526Power Supply Kniel C 5.5 5V/5A
17000527Power supply Kniel CD 15.1 2x15V/1A
17000881Service Switch
17000891Rotation Controller
17001009Controller Safety PSS SB3006ETH
17001010Switching power supply 24V/20A DRP600-1
17001047Board PyRi PCC InAs/InGaAs Lamp
17002020Terminal Bus Function-, KL9190
17002040DeviceNet FC5202-0002 PCI Version 3
17002041Transformer Card AddiData APCI-3120-16-8
17002048Board PyRi PCC InAs/InGaAs Wafer
17002049Board PyRi PCC InGaAs AZ modi. Helios
17002055Board PWM-, PCI
17100016Converter, IRM-Module 24V/24V
17100027Fan 19 1HE 30 mm deepened
17100039Power Pack, CP15.6 Primary Switch Contr.
17100043Measuring Transducer U2a/24V DC/LDG16
18000110Relay PLC-RSC-24DC/21-21
18000112Contactor Excess Volt. Limiter for-, 3RT
18000114Contactor 24VDC coil, 4kW
18300004Decoupling Amplifier, VariTrans P15000
18800174Control switch double pressure-,12-30V
18800176Thermo Solenoid Circuit Protect 2A
18800177Thermal Magnetic Circuit Protect 3A
18800179Thermal Magnetic Circuit Protect 10A
19201413Cable Bus Connecting-, VG64 Ripple Rack
19300196Clamp Double Stick MTTB 1.5
19300269Clamp Bus-End-, DeviceNet 300X
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