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Aspen™ II Strip

The Aspen™ II Strip uses the standard Aspen™ II platform together with one or two 200mm processing chambers. Each chamber processes two wafers at a time, with throughput ranging from 90 to 130 wafers per hour with one chamber and 110 to 180 wafers per hour with two chambers for most applications.

The system features Mattson Technology’s proprietary inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source for low-damage processing. The ICP source was designed to further extend the capability for removal of the most difficult residues formed during semiconductor processing. The tool effectively strips resist and residue, reducing the need for post-strip chemical processing. This reduced need for wet chemical steps decreases the number of wet stations required, thereby further reducing cost of ownership. The Aspen™ II Strip system offers advanced technology on a high-throughput, reliable platform, providing process performance and low cost of ownership advantages to chipmakers for advanced device manufacturing.  Over1000 Aspen™ II Strip tools have been installed world wide at 200mm fabs since it’s introduction in 1990.


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