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Aspen™ III eHighlands

Built on Mattson's production-proven, Aspen III platform, the eHighlands features a proprietary ICP technology for optimal uniformity and low damage. The eHighlands' dual-wafer processing capability provides virtually twice the throughput of competitive low-k capable systems.  The eHighlands meets all critical FEOL dry strip process requirements and enables chipmakers to handle copper/low-k dielectric integration, ultra low-k ashing, barrier layer removal and other BEOL dry strip challenges with a single tool.

The eHighlands features Mattson's proprietary inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source and a bias capability that enables independent control of ion energy and ion density.  With a low-pressure regime, the eHighlands provides improved profile control, low-k material preservation and a wide process window for sub-90 nm processing. The eHighlands' unique “three-in-one” integration scheme, where the low-k strip, barrier removal and Cu surface treatment processes are performed in-situ, provides chipmakers up to 35% lower cost-of-ownership than dielectric etch tools, which use an “all-in-one” approach. The eHighlands' ability to reduce operational steps simplifies integration and provides customers unparalleled total cost of ownership (TCO).

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