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Available in 200mm and 300mm versions, and built upon the production-proven Aspen platform, Mattson Technology’s Aspen III ICPHT can be configured with one, two or three processing chambers. Each chamber processes two wafers at a time, with throughput greater than or equal to 200 wafers per hour for most applications with three chambers.  The ICPHT utilizes an advanced RF plasma source and Mattson’s proprietary inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology to provide a wide process window for FEOL and BEOL strip applications. Featuring high-speed dual-wafer handling and a modular, dual-chamber design, the system provides excellent within-chamber and module-to-module repeatability. The system meets all critical dry strip process requirements, including photoresist strip and residue removal, HDIS, descum and resist recess applications.

The ICPHT’s high productivity and excellent process performance provide the low CoO required for cost-effective high volume chip manufacturing.


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