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SUPREMA is the benchmark for the dry strip market.  It sets the standard for productivity and technology leadership.  The system utilizes a revolutionary platform design to deliver superior productivity and reliability with exceptionally low cost of ownership for high volume manufacturing of logic, DRAM and flash memory devices at the 90 nm node and below. The system’s enhanced RF plasma source, based on Mattson’s field-proven, proprietary inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology, enables high strip rates and clean results.  Its innovative wafer transfer mechanism provides high throughput with low system overhead. SUPREMA provides excellent within-chamber and chamber-to-chamber process repeatability and offers a wide process window for both FEOL and BEOL applications, including bulk photoresist strip, high-dose implant strip (HDIS), descum and resist recess.

SUPREMA’s innovative proprietary platform is based on a flexible, modular design that makes it ideal for both development and production environments.  The modular system architecture improves serviceability, uptime and productivity through configurable wafer routing.  The system features reliable, high-speed vacuum and atmospheric robotics that deliver increased throughput of greater than 360 wafers per hour.  Its vacuum robot utilizes an innovative transfer mechanism, capable of transferring four wafers simultaneously to maximize throughput even on small or partial lots. The proprietary inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source provides high strip rates of over 9 µ/minute, and process flexibility to extend equipment lifetime through future node generations. SUPREMA is configured with two dual-wafer modules in a compact footprint for the lowest total cost of ownership.

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