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Strip Technical Publications

Study of tungsten oxidation in O2/H2/N2 downstream plasma

Inductively Coupled Plasma for Highly Efficient and Low Damage Resist Stripping

Meeting Requirements for Dry Strip of High-Dose Implated Resist at the 45nm Node

Characterization of a Selectable-Mode Inductively Coulpled Plasma (ICPSM) Source for Advanced Dry Residue Removal Applications

Damage-Free, All-Dry Via. Etch Resist and Residue Removal Processes

Implementation of Plasma Processing into BEOL with Organic Low-k Dielectrics

Is Pore Sealing Key to Ultralow-k Adoption?

Process Integration of Photoresist Stripping, Barrier Removal and Copper Treatment for Advanced BEOL Applications

Resist Strip and Cu Diffusion Barrier Etch In Cu BEOL Integration Schemes in a Mattson Highlands Chamber

Study of Plasma-Induced Damage of Ultralow-k Dielectric Films During Photoresist Stripping

Using a Biased-ICP Reactor for PR Strip and Cu Barrier Removal

Using an ICP-Based Strip System to Perform Resist and Barrier-Layer Removal in Copper Low-k Processes

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