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Mattson Technology provides capital equipments that deliver advanced processing capability for integrated circuit fabrication to our customers. We are among the market leaders for RTP, dry strip, and etch applications in both front-end-of-line (FEOL) and back-end-of-line (BEOL) processes.


Engineering and technology leadership has been the foundation of Mattson Technology's success. We are the global innovators of thermal and surface clean solutions. The Company is the world leader in the dry strip market and is the second largest supplier of RTP products. Beginning with RTP products, our thermal solutions now include a wide range of rapid anneals ranging from soak to spike to millisecond flash. Our surface clean solutions are based on a patented inductively-coupled low-damage plasma (ICP) resist strip, coupled with dual-sided lamp heating technologies for maximizing thermal uniformity and minimizing patterns shifts at sub-32nm dimensions. These and other differentiating technologies offer our customers the requisite process control capabilities needed for manufacturing chips with ever increasing device density and functionality. We have successfully leveraged these two core competencies into several adjacent segment applications such as self-aligned etch, resist etch-back and selective oxidation of poly-silicon sidewalls. Collectively, this diverse portfolio of technologies provides our global customers with robust, lower-cost and timely manufacturing-worthy process solutions.


We are committed to developing innovative process equipment and technologies to address our customers' evolving needs for high productivity solutions for the consumer-driven electronics market. Our focus on delivering "results on the wafer" is fundamental to our philosophy of providing increasing value to our customers. We continually strive to increase the total value of our solutions by enabling our customers to cost-effectively produce next generation chips with ever-greater density and functionality

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