Company Overview

Mattson Technology, Inc. designs, manufactures, markets and globally supports semiconductor wafer processing equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits.

We are a key supplier of plasma and rapid thermal processing equipment to the global semiconductor industry. Our processing equipment utilizes innovative technologies to deliver advanced processing capabilities and high productivity for the fabrication of current and next-generation integrated circuits. Our equipment and technologies are used by leading memory, foundry and logic device manufacturers, worldwide. New innovations from Mattson Technology in Atomic Surface Engineering TM address the most critical 3D logic and memory manufacturing challenges.

We maintain our global headquarters in Fremont, California, with design centers in the United States and Germany, and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany and China. We also maintain a global sales and support organization focused on developing strong, long-term customer relationships. Our global customer support organization is headquartered in California, with sales and support teams located in China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States.


Mattson Technology was founded in 1988 in Fremont, California. After breaking into the semiconductor equipment industry as a leading supplier of dry strip equipment, we expanded our portfolio of processing equipment to also include plasma etch, rapid thermal anneal and millisecond anneal. In addition to our product portfolio, we have also grown an extensive portfolio of intellectual property including key technologies under worldwide patents.

As we surpass 30 years in business, we continue to be fully committed to developing process equipment and technologies to address our customers’ evolving needs for high productivity solutions for the consumer-driven electronics market. Our focus on delivering “on-wafer results” is fundamental to our philosophy of providing increasing value to our customers. We continually strive to increase the total value of our solutions by enabling our customers to cost-effectively produce next-generation chips with ever-greater density and functionality.