We deliver quality by exceeding customer expectations in all that we do and through the continuous improvement of our quality and quality systems.

At Mattson Technology, quality is the responsibility of every individual. It is a key element of our core philosophies and integrated into our business processes. To solidify our quality and business processes, Mattson Technology has received global certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Mattson Technology has embraced the following key initiatives as part of our global quality system:

  • Customer Focus – Achieving customer astonishment by increasing quality to the customer, driving corrective and preventive actions through surveys, failure analysis, trend data and quality specifications
  • Process Approach – Process improvements by breaking down barriers, increasing the efficiency of our processes through metrics as well as process studies
  • Continual Improvement – Creating a culture of improvement through Kaizen, structured problem-solving techniques and employee involvement
  • Supply Chain Collaboration – We have developed strategic partnerships with our suppliers, and these relationships are helping us to enhance our competitive position, drive business success and create added value for our stakeholders