Customer Support

Mattson Technology provides customized and innovative service solutions to our installed based to enhance system productivity and performance throughout the entire product life cycle. Our customer support offerings include: product support, upgrades, spares, and mature product sales and refurbishment tools.

We are committed to providing our customers with:

  • Experienced resources that are willing to go the extra mile to meet our customers’ needs.
    • Fast deployment of Mattson Technology certified field service engineers.
    • All our field service engineers are provided with product specific training and field experience as part of a formalized Field Service Engineer Certification program.
  • On-time delivery for our spare parts.
    • We maintain a 24 x 7 global support response center to handle your questions and incoming orders.
    • We offer on-site spares consignment programs and/or maintain local Mattson Technology-managed spares depots to ensure we meet or exceed committed lead times.
  • Cost effective, original, high performance spare parts.
  • Flexible global support and service options to meet our customers’ needs whenever they arise, and wherever they are based.
  • Upgrades that provide our customers with technology and productivity enhancements.
    • On wafer performance improvements
    • Technology nodes upgrades
    • Throughput, MTBC and MTBF improvements

Our product support, spares and service offerings include:

  • Preventive maintenance service
    • Preventive maintenance spares kits
    • Service contract offerings
    • Labor only
    • Labor and parts
    • Labor bank programs
    • Standard work week arrangements
    • Extended work week arrangements
    • After-hours support
    • On-call support options
  • On-demand service options
  • Project-based services – tool relocation or tool conversion
  • Process engineering services
  • Product specific upgrade kits
  • Technical support backup
  • Customized software solution development
  • Spare parts – on-site consignment programs
  • Spare parts – local depots
  • Spare parts – refurbishment and service exchange programs
  • Spare parts – failure analysis
  • “Lite” refurbishment options, including on-site or at Mattson Technology’s factory
  • Standard refurbishment options
  • Mature product tool sales

Contact our customer support teams at: