Millisecond Anneal


The Millios millisecond anneal system is Mattson Technology’s solution for advanced transistor formation, dielectric passivation, metal silicides and other material surface annealing requiring an extremely short anneal time with precise control. Millios expands Mattson Technology’s philosophy of providing its customers leading edge technology with the highest system productivity.

The Millios is based on proprietary water-wall argon arc lamp technology. The system design monitors and controls wafer front-side and backside temperature in real time. The system has excellent wafer temperature control capabilities, including unique millisecond anneal pulse duration adjustment capability and integrated spike anneal-flash millisecond anneal process capability. It can meet technical requirements of millisecond anneal process and effectively manage wafer thermal stress to avoid wafer breakage issues at the same time. The Millios is the best technical solution for ultra-shallow-junction formation, high-k materials passivation and metal silicide formation processes in advanced transistor fabrication. It is also applicable for other materials surface anneal processes.

Product Features and Advantages:

  • Basic Designs
    • Water-wall argon arc lamp technology
    • Real-time wafer front-side and backside temperature measurement and control
  • Process Range
    • Intermediate temperatures from 250°C up to 1050°C
    • Maximum temperature jump up to 600°C
    • Wafer emissivity from 0.2 to 0.9
  • Process Flexibility
    • Millisecond anneal pulse duration adjustment capability
    • Integrated spike anneal-flash millisecond anneal process capability
  • Wafer Stress Management
    • Millisecond wafer temperature control
    • Wafer transfer optimization

Product Applications:

  • Advanced Transistor Fabrication
    • Ultra-shallow-junction formation
    • S/D anneal
    • Halo anneal
    • High-k anneal
    • Nickel silicide formation
    • Titanium silicide formation
  • Next Generation DRAM Fabrication