Dry Strip

Dry strip is the removal of the masking layers from the wafer after the patterning process has been completed. The objective is to eliminate the masking material from the wafer as quickly as possible, without allowing any surface materials to become damaged.

We are a leader in the dry strip market. Our strip systems offer innovative wafer handling architecture to deliver low cost of ownership for integrated circuit manufacturing.


SUPREMA® product family

Our SUPREMA family plasma dry strip and advanced patterning film removal systems have unique ICP source and twin chamber design. Each chamber is operated independently with a dedicated vacuum transfer module for maximum process flexibility and extendibility.

The SUPREMA family plasma dry strip and advanced patterning film removal systems demonstrate high process flexibility, excellent process performance, superior particulate contamination and low cost of ownership in volume production. They are tools of choice for photoresist strip and advanced patterning film removal in semiconductor device fabrications worldwide.

Product Features and Advantages:

  • Remote Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)
    • Patent protected grounded Faraday shield design
      • High plasma density
      • Extraordinary reducing chemistry capability
      • Low particle performance
      • High mean-time-between-clean
      • Low consumable cost
      • Unique high fluorine process capability
    • Over 10,000 units installed worldwide
  • Twin-Wafer Chamber Design
    • Complete ion filtering capability
      • Low wafer surface plasma damage
      • Excellent surface integrity
    • Precise wafer temperature control
    • Full spectrum OES end point detection option
  • Platform
    • Multi-chamber design with independent vacuum transfer module
      • Process flexibility
      • Process extendibility
      • Process stability
    • Quad arm robot design, high throughput wafer transfer
    • Over 700 installed worldwide


  • Logic / Foundry, Memory Manufacturing
    • Bulk strip
    • Post-implant strip
    • Strip over metal
    • Hardmask materials removal
    • Anti-reflective coating (ARC) removal
    • Post etch strip / clean
    • High aspect ratio strip / clean
    • Descum
  • COMS Image Sensor / Power Semiconductor / MEMS Manufacturing
    • Bulk strip
    • Descum
    • Surface clean
  • Wafer Level Packaging
    • Dry film resist ash
    • Descum
    • Surface clean